Voices of Adult Learners

A Virginia Festival of the Book Event

The Voices of Adult Learners Writing Contest was created by the Regional Literacy Coordinating Committee to recognize adult learners in regional programs, raise awareness of literacy issues in the larger community, and to provide an opportunity for learners, teachers and tutors in the region to share their talents and experiences.

The stories these learners tell are moving and important. Please join us to hear them Thursday, March 20 and 7:30 pm at the

Village School
215 E. High St.
Cash awards and certificates were awarded in four categories:
Working: What do you do well? Why is your work important?
Family: What are your concerns, hopes, and dreams for your family?
Getting Along With People: What does it mean to be a good neighbor or citizen?
Open Category: Be creative. Stories and poems are welcome.

You can read these testaments by clicking on the categories above, or learn more about literacy programs at the RLCC page.