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My Family

by Herbert S. Jones, Nelson County
y family is very important to me. My wife and I have been married for forty-eight years and have raised three wonderful children; two sons and a daughter. They are all married now and have children of their own. I have eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. They range in age from 1 year old to 27 years old. I enjoy the quality time I spend with each grandchild and great-grandchild. I hoped that my children would grow up to be successful and each one has in their own right. I raised my children in church and taught them the importance of God and family.

There are so many changes in the world today, that I hope my grandchildren will have the same values that my parents instilled in me. My parents always preached on the importance of standing up for what I believed in and to always treat others in the same respect that I want to be treated. I have lived by these two guidelines and taught my children the importance of them in hopes that they would pass the wor don and instill them in their children as well as others.

I believe that no matter how many material things life may bring, there is nothing more important than your family. The joys my family brings is more than words can say. To look into the face of your children and see a part of you that is different in each one, sends a power to your heart that only a father feels. I thank God for my family each and every time I have the opportunity to spend even the shortest minute with them.

My Heroes

by Curtis Johnson, Charlottesville
y heroes are my mother and father. They gave me life to be in this world. They watched me grow up and gave me a good understanding of life and respect toward others. My parents are heroes to me because they never let me down. We always had food on the table and clothes to wear.

Mom was always working hard to take care of five children. She often worked two jobs just to make sure we had everything we needed. My mother never complained when it came to raising her children. When one of her children got sick, she would stay up late at night to make sure that child would be alright. The next morning my mom would find the energy to go to work. I can remember how my mom would work hard and long just to have extra money to go see a family member out of town. My mother is indeed a hero, Ms. Mary Johnson.

Dad was a strong mentor in many ways. He raised me to be a strong, black African-American man. Playing sports was the part of role modeling I loved about him. He gave me his time by watching me play baseball, basketball, football and soccer. Dad always encouraged me to be the best that I can be. Many days Dad and I shared one on one conversations, and we would discuss manhood. My father was a strong and serious man. When he would speak to his children, we all respected his words. The best parts of being with my hero were the days we went fishing. We would sit on the bank and he would tell some of the best stories I have ever heard. My father Carey Johnson is now deceased, but he will always be in my memories as my hero.

In my own words to speak of my two heroes, they are two wonderful people that loved each other. Times weren't always good, there were sad times as well. There were winter months when my father didn't have a job. My mother had to go through two to three feet of snow just to get to her job. On winter days my dad would grab a shovel and go out to make some money to help support his family. Once he got home, he would always sit down and show his sons how to build rabbit boxes.

Heroes can be found in every home if other parents are like my parents were. Through all of the bad and alot of the good I will always look up to my parents as heroes. I will always love my mom and dad, and I am thankful for what they have done for me.


by Roberto Ibarra, Nelson County

amily is a gift that we receive from God. To have a family is our life. A family is the most important thing that there is in life, whoever has a family is proud. We are human beings, that means we are a family.

Animals are like family too, but we are human beings, we are a special family. This means we have to help one another and, love one another.

We are all in one if we have brothers and sisters. It is wonderful to have brothers and sisters to play, talk, laugh, learn, grow and love one another. If you have brothers and sisters you can tell them your feelings and thoughts too. I remember when I was a child my brothers taught me how to count by counting the cows, that my older brother used to have.

This is the way that a family should be, I had more brothers than sisters, we were friends together. This is the meaning of a family, in other words it is the fruit of life, you love one another as you love your self.

I'll say again, a family, it is a wonderful gift that we receive from God.

My Dad

by Christine White, Charlottesville

loved my dad so much
Although we fussed and fought a lot
He was my friend
Really the only true friend I knew.

We talked about things
and joked around
Even played when one of us was down.
We laughed and played.

Did silly things
That most people wouldn't do.
If you had a problem
He would be the one to go to.

I still love my dad
(Where ever you are!)

My Mother

by Rita Johnson, Fluvanna County

y mother is a lovely lady.
She's there when I need her.
She's there when I cry.
She's there even when I smile.

My mother is there when I am sad.
She clears up my sorrows and makes me glad.
She is there from beginning to end.
She's not just my mother, she is my friend.

She's there when I'm feeling
down and out.
She's my mother there is no doubt.

I wish my mother and I were
closer than we are,
Because she's my shining star.
I love my mother with all my
heart and all that I do.
I love you Mother, and
I know you love me too!


by Jurine Hensley, Greene County

Family is the most important part of a person's life. Family can be good and bad. Most families don't get along. they fight and feud among each other.

My family always finds time to celebrate and get together for a big dinner. Every 4th of July we celebrate by having the whole family for dinner at my aunt's house in Crozet.

Then at Halloween, we go to my aunt's house in Barboursville to have a Halloween party. Everybody that wants to dress in costume can do so. Later we all go outside for a bonfire to cook hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire. We all sit on bales of straw around the fire. When the hot dogs are ready we all have a dinner plate around the fire. At the end of the night the women separate the candy that everybody brought. Each child gets a bag of candy. We all have a great time together.


by Margaret Smith, Greene County

here are five members in my family. There are my husband Sherwood and me. We have three children, Steve, Randy and Dana. We have a grand daughter named Shana.

Sherwood works in Harisonburg for Dunham Bush. He has worked there for thirty-one years. He hoped to retire in 1998. When he retires he wants to travel out West.

Steve is a policeman at the University of Virginia. He has been a deputy in Greene, Palmyra and the City of Charlottesville. When Steve has days off he likes to travel. He has been to Atlantic City, Nevada, Bermuda and Mexico.

Randy lives in Elkton. He has worked at Dunham Bush for nine years. Randy hopes to buy a house in Greene County.

Dana works in Orange County. She tests and repairs phones. Dana would like to find a job with Computer and Data Entry.

Shana, my grand daughter, is five years old. She is in kindergarten. Shana came home excited about what she did in her class. She would like to go to school seven days a week. On weekends and in the evenings she will be playing as if she is a teacher. Shana loves animals, but her favorites are dogs and cats. Maybe she will be a teacher or a veterinarian when she grows up.

My Family Concern

by Doris Conley, Greene County

y family means everything to me. My Mom is up there in age and her health isn't all that good. Some days she doesn't feel like moving; her back just hurts her so much. She has always been a hard working person, not giving up. I wish that one morning would come to her pain free.

I have two sons; they are headstrong men. One of my boys is married and has a family of his own. I have always wanted the best for both boys. We have had rough times during life, but we have bounded back. In my eyes, I wanted them to be the best, maybe a doctor or lawyer, but I said they are headstrong. They chose differently. Both of them do pretty well for themselves.

For my two grandchildren, that mean so much to me, I hope they graduate from high school and go on to college. They will need all the education they can get to get a job today.

This is my concern and hope for my family.


by Phyllis Deane, Greene County

y family is a very important part of my life. I've been married 27 years. My husband is Eugene Deane. My husband works at Dittar Edwards and Morris. We have two sons, who mean the world to us.

Michael is our oldest son. Michael graduated from William Monroe High School in 1989. When he finished school he joined the United States Navy. Michael served four years of service. Michael is now married to Marisa and lives in Greene County. We wish them many years of happiness.

Bradley is our youngest son. He graduated from William Monroe High School in 1990. He worked at Food Lion for a little time after school Not long after that he joined the United States Marines. He'll finish his time on Nov. 22, 1997. This will be four years for Bradley. We hope he comes home safe and finds a good job.

I was working at Murray Electrical Products in Earlysville. I worked there almost 28 years. They moved to Tucker, Georgia November 15, 1996. I'm now G.E.D. classes at Greene County Technical Center. I hope this will help me find another job.

Family Dream

by Mary Frances Morris, Greene County

eople dream about things they want someday. I dreamed of a large family someday. In today's society many things have changed. A family today, no matter what the structure, is vital to human existence.

My family is the more typical family type. My husband I both came from large families. We know what it's like in this modern age to raise a child, send him to college, and etc. Today's change in society was the end of a dream for a large family. Families today are different. Anywhere you live or whom you live with is a family. Hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms, and etc. can form a family today.

"Dreams of our tasks are oft and many.
Somtimes we didn't have any.
Roads of life are rough and rocky, too.
We take on more than we can do.
We wonder sometimes what makes us have dreams,
That the hills are not as steep as they seem."
(Clyde Knight)

Looking Forward to the Future

by Michael Ross, Greene County

hope to live to see the year 2000. During the next three years, I'm going to better myself by becoming a better father to my children, and a better husband to my wife.

I also plan to work to educate myself and prepare my family for the future. In the future I am going to live off the land. I am going to grow vegetables. I look forward to the changes in the year 2000, but let's not forget the important things in life.

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