Voices of Adult Learners


Oscar the Janitor

by Oscar Anderson, Albemarle County

scar keeps the school clean
He polishes up and scrubs
He sweeps away the crumbs
And washes away the mud.

He shines each door and window
Dusts each table and chair
So that you stay all clean
Whenever you sit there

Smiling as he's working
He makes the building shine
For the busy little feet
That move like yours and mine

Working for V.D.O.T

by James Smith, Nelson County

I love meeting people. Sometimes we do many different jobs. My favorite one is flagging traffic. You get to stop the traffic and people will talk to you. You may work north of Amherst today, tomorrow you may work south of Amherst.

The winter months are the hardest time of my job. We do not know what the weather is going to bring. If you work for the Virginia Department of Transpotation you may be called to your job at any time of night or day, also any time on the weekend.

Fall of the year is my favorite time of the year. We work near the Blue Ridge Parkway, because the trees turn color it is a beautiful sight to see.

If anyone likes to work outside working with V.D.O.T. would be a great place to work. I like working for V.D.O.T. because you are outside most of the time.

Why Working Is Important to Me

by Clifford Swanson, Fluvanna County
orking is important to me because it helps me build muscles and strong bones. It also makes me money so I can buy food and drinks to help me stay alive. It also puts gas in my car so I can go to work every day. I can pay for my new home that I stay in and it puts fuel into my car & my fuel tank in my home. I also do it so I can meet new friends. It makes me feel good about my self. I love what I do. It improves my skills so I can get better at what I do. It puts food on the table.

It feeds the kids and it pays the bills like the electric bills, phone, heating, cooling, insurance, car repair oills, and other kinds of bills like the IRS, DMV, Post office stamps to mail the money to the bill places. It gives money to the needy. It helps get the hobos and the homeless people into a home. It also feeds the homeless and the needy. It gives them money to send the kids to school. It also gives the homeless money to go see a doctor to get rid of their illnesses that they have come across. Some of the needy people have died from illnesses. People have not given a thought to giving money. It's OK they need to get help. My work helps so many people. It buys tools to repair your car, house, and many other appliances. It helps hospitals to get better equipment to help patients with aids, polio, and other illnesses! My work helps put furniture in stores so that people will buy it.

I love what I do. It gives me comfort and protection. It does what I need my equipment to do. Its so easy to use. I have two jobs busting wood and selling it, and the other job is working on lawnmowers.

Busting wood helps people stay warm. It also gives me money I need to survive. It gives them enough wood so in the snow or bad weather they won't have to go out and bust it themselves. Repairing lawnmowers helps people cut grass. It also gives me money to go places like Pensylvania, or New York. It gives me good feelings about my self. Plus I feel good about my work. That's Wny work is important to me.

My Job

by Ruby Beatty, Greene County
was employed with Murray's Manufacturing for twenty-eight years. While working at Murray's I learned many skills. I learned how to work and get along with people. I also learned how to make my work more successful.

The two most important things about my job were my income and my friends. I depended upon my salary for my lifestyle. I also depended upon my salary for my financial concerns.

But the friendships I had with my friends were very special. No matter what my problems were, they were willing to listen. They would always give me their best advice.

When our plant closed on November 15, 1996, I think that was the saddest day of my life.

My Work

by Melinda Wray, Literacy Volunteers of America
friend of mine told me about a place called Department of Rehabilitative Services. We went to see the person who works there and we talked for a while. He said that I would have to take a test. A few weeks later I went to take the test. He said that he would be able to help me find a job.

A few weeks later I started working at WorkSource for job training. I didn't know anyone there when I first started. I started making friends a few days later. We started to eat lunch with each other everday. I stayed there for about two months then I started working at Breadworks. I didn't like leaveing my friends at WorkSource but I wanted to make more money working somewhere else.

I have made lots of new friends working at Breadworks. I like the people who work there. My boss, Dot, is a nice person to work for. My job was making cookies in the back but now I am getting all the orders ready and learning to work the cash register.

I like doing all of these things and I especially like working at Breadworks. Sometimes I get tired standing on my feet all day. I think I have learned a lot since I have been working at Breadworks. My work is close to my son's school and close to my house.

I like working with my new friends. I especially like making my own money for myself and my son.

I think of the people as family at breadworks and the people at worksource as my friends. I have learned lots of new things. I hope to keep doing a good job working at Breadworks.

My Job

by Goldie Knight, Greene County
began my first job at Murray Electrical Products on September 2, 1969. My first job was Assembler of Sub-Assembly parts. These parts are used in Final Assembly to assemble meter scopes and panel boards.

In 1972 I became a Quality Control Inspector. I inspected Sub Assembly parts to be used in Final Assembly. I became inspector of Final Assembly and metal fabrication. I remained in this job for twenty years.

In 1993 the company began downsizing. I returned to final Assembly as an assembler of finished parts. This job consisted of working on a line with several people. Our duties were to assemble parts, inspect and pack finished products.

I have enjoyed working with the people on these various jobs. I have made many friends, and miss them since our departure on November 15, 1996.

Working Is Important To Me

by Helen Moon, Greene County
ver the years work has shown me how to have responsibility. It shows me what it's all about. If you work for something you will know the value of life and money.

I worked at my first job for twenty eight years until this past year. I enjoyed being there for so many years. Other jobs I enjoy doing are mowing grass, washing cars, and painting. I like to challenge myself to different tasks.

Now my task is going to school to better my education. This is one of the tasks that I consider part of working. Over the years of my working experience, I've learned that education is a very important part of responsibility. You don't realize what life is all about until you get that job.


by Laura Tanner, Greene County

I have to work. You can learn more things by working. There is always something around the house to do. You can be working on different things. I like to work on jobs. I like to work in books. I'm also working on getting my G.E.D. I'm working very hard to get it.

I love to work with people. I love to work with my teacher. When you are working you learn more. If you want a better job, you have to work hard to get it. Most people work to live. You have to work to make a living.

I love to work on different skills, so I can learn. The main thing I'm working on is my G.E.D. I want a good job. I also want to make good money on my job. Working is a good thing to do. You have to put your mind to it and do it.

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